We cannot save them all, but we can save some.


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Debbie Hollinger began to travel extensively during the mid 1990’s. She and her husband David were tourists in many different countries, many of them developing countries. In 1997, when Debbie traveled to India, a remarkable change began to take place within her. It began first by a childhood dream remembered – helping children – especially the orphaned, abandoned and rejected ones. Additional trips brought the idea that she could and should reach out to help-- even though she had no experience/skill. Even with a growing family here in Lancaster County - two children and 8 grandchildren, she could not forget the depraved and abused girls she had seen in India. She set out on a path to make a difference – at least in a few girls. “You cannot save them all, but you can save some” became the passion of her heart.

Twelve years have passed. Three homes have been established with excellent house parents. 53 orphaned children have a secure home; a place where love and discipline is coupled with time and honor for each child. The children have shed lots of tears both day and night as they have learned to forgive the abuse and hardship of their past. Healing has come gradually as they learn how blessed they are to have been chosen to be a part of HOME International’s homes. Love is freely given and Jesus is their Savior and friend.

Friends and businesses have contributed toward this mission. Debbie is grateful for compassionate hearts who want to help financially. To learn more about HOME International, click on the HOME International signpost.

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