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The vision of HOME International is to love and care for orphaned girls in a family 'home'.  As they experience the benefit of love and family, we believe their lives and the lives of their children will be dramatically changed.


  We will first and foremost love and nurture the girls, collectively and individually.  words of affirmation and affection give abundantly will provide an atmosphere of loving care.


We believe that each girl has been sent to us for a specific reason.  The leadership and staff consistently seek wisdom to discern each girl's gifting and provide training to develop it.


Because most girls will not exhibit positive characteristics when they first arrive, we believe that the leadership and staff should consistently speak words of faith to each girl. Words point children toward a direction Words plant mental pictures.


    "A vision we give to others of who and what they can become has power when it echoes what the Spirit has already spoken into their souls."

Irula House - Home International

Born into poverty

     ....Abandoned   ....Orphaned  ....Rejected

Rescued by HOME International

Rescued by HOME

     ....Nurtured  ....Loved  ....Educated

Becoming a daughter of promise


Integrity  .  Willing to serve others  .  Gracious
Educated  .  Hospitable  .  Capable  .  Accomplished in their personal talents
Mannerly  .  Confident in their uniqueness  .  Feminine  .  Professional

Balancing love and orderliness, we believe these girls will be tomorrow's leaders-- in the home,
business, profession or ministry.

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